Ujamaa Champions

We have owned and/or bred 40 champions as listed below- with more on the way.

Since we have shown rarely (mainly Specialties) since the early 1990s, many thanks to those who have shown their Ridgebacks to their titles.

Dogs are listed in approximate order of birth date, starting with the most recent dog titled. I been able to collect photos of many of the early Australian dogs and they can be seen the very early pedigrees on this page


Follow link to pedigree and photo

Owner Kennel name BVA hip scores
Ch Ujamaa Rooi Adaeze (AI) F Parsons    
BISS Ch Ujamaa Pure Blonde Us! Ujamaa 1:1
Ch Ujamaa Beez Neez F Parsons   ND
Ch Ujamaa Budweiser A Edwards   ND
Am Ch Ujamaa Jet G&F Walters   OFA Good
Ch Ujamaa Muse K Kandiah   3:2
NZ Ch Ujamaa Dullect Violet D Johnston Purira Knoll 0:0
BISS Ch Ujamaa Mufasa M & J Benson Bowbridge
NZ Ch Ujamaa Pacific Dancer D Johnston Purira Knoll
Am Ch Ujamaa Boomerang Bakeri L & D Anderson Andyboy Excellent (OFA), Elbows Normal
NZ Ch Ujamaa Tessia J & J Hansen Boulderbrae 1:2
Am/BOSS Can Ch Ujamaa Atreides D Nathanson Shamva
Good (OFA)
NZ Ch Ujamaa Bellbrae J & J Hansen Boulderbrae 0:0
BISS Ch Ujamaa Satisfaction D&S Mills Zimbalooba
BISS Ch Ujamaa Summer Romance C Deeker Cabinda 3:0
NZ Ch Ujamaa Noble Bear Miller/Hansen Boulderbrae
Ch Ujamaa Lively Lass L Barrenger Isilwane 4:5
Ch Ujamaa Fanwy S Saysell
Ch Ujamaa Wild Thing L Johnson Jinson 1:1
Ch Ujamaa Jennifer Eccles S Ryan Bearstar 1:2
Ch Ujamaa Koya D Curran Ujamaa/Curran 0:3
Ch Ujamaa Cassia R & W Wenzel Zingela 5:7
Ch Ujamaa Anakie Ujamaa Ujamaa 3:3
Ch Ujamaa Ceres S Ryan Bearstar 2:2
Ch Ujamaa Chauson S&W Campbell Rhianikki 0:0
Ch Ujamaa Wyatt Earp G Thorsen Mudurra 4:1
Ch Ujamaa Fauve L Barrenger Isilwane 3:3
Ch Ujamaa Peppa G&H Halls Chisinga 1:3
BISS Ch Ujamaa Comanche P & L van Heerden Mzilakazi 1:4
Ch Ujamaa Pooh S Ryan Bearstar 5:1
BISS Ch Ujamaa Woozle T Adams
Ch Ujamaa Tigger W Mathieson Aloomba 2:2
Ch Ujamaa Brave Bear Ujamaa Ujamaa 14:19
Ch Ujamaa Achilles M & J Benson Bowbridge
Ch Ujamaa Merak G & H Halls Chisinga Normal
BISS Ch Ujamaa N'kosi N'kulu D Corker Shelridge Normal
Ch Maleema Kahlura Ujamaa 4:3
Ch Kismayu Caleb Ujamaa 0:2
Ch Kuweni Settiya Ujamaa/Sellin 6:7
Ch Lionspride Caprice Ujamaa 5:5