Ujmaaa Ridgeback Companions

Most of our Ridgebacks are sold as pets- many thanks to those of you who have kept in touch and sent photos- a few of those sent here. Ridgebacks are a breed that like company- human and canine! They make good family pets but must be trained or they will end up on the bed with you on the floor!!

The site on the following link has a really good description of the characteristics of the Ridgeback:

Is the Ridgeback right for me from Revodana Ridgebacks (US site)

Link here for companion ridgeback photos

The Ridgeback Club of Victoria offers lots of activities for companions such as lure coursing, fun days, puppy socialisation. Some photos below. Activities dates are on the club website

Puppy games ridgeback

Puppy socialisation

Pin the ridge

Pin the tail on the Ridgeback (with blindfold!)

RRCV fun day

2 person, 2 dog race

RRCV jumping ridgeback

Highest jumper competition